The House in Between 2

This is a masterpiece, The House in Between 2 is a timeless masterpiece... The House in Between 2 is a pleasure for me to watch movie like The House in Between 2. The House in Between 2 is a great movie and there is no doubt. Steve GonsalvesKendall Whelpton showed us the world on the screen from a different perspective. You do not have to fall in love with a Documentary to enjoy this movie. Steve GonsalvesKendall Whelpton's movies play on emotions and are able to move a more sensitive watcher. Click on watch or download button to watch the movie.

Storyline of The House in Between 2

A beautiful documentary telling the real story of a homeowner living with a haunting. Bridging the paranormal, real science and the human experience this documentary shows a detailed look at what could be the most haunted house in America.

Duration: 81 min

Quality: HD 720

Release: 2022

IMDb: 4.5